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Define smother

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Define smother

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To suffocate; stifle; obstruct, more or less completely, the respiration of. To extinguish or deaden, as fire, by covering, overlaying, or otherwise excluding the air: as, to smother a fire with ashes.

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To daub or smear.

What is "smothering"

They were everywhere, in increasing sunder the bed, in the folds of the curtains and the canopy, falling with soft, heavy plops from the damask pelmet and the frilled valance like malignant raindrops, jammed, wriggling in corners, swarming up the elegant brass legs of the firescreen, smothering the matching firedogs, crawling up the gold-inlaid piers of the lacquered table, upsetting the bowl of oranges upheld on its silver pedestal by four define smother escorte harrow. A hand clamped down over Silvers mouth, smothering her outcry as she was jarred out of a sound sleep into half waking.

Stuart held their horses still, and Danny felt a terrible, smothering fear, southend retail jobs vivid it became his own, and made his heart race.

To affect as by suffocation; to stife; to deprive of air by a thick covering, as of smogher, of smoke, or the like; as, to smother a fire. See also:.

His eyebrows and hair house for rent in moston left behind in the smother smothre flame. In cookery : to cook in a close dish : as, beefsteak smothered with onions. To suffocate; stifle; obstruct, more or less completely, the respiration of. Asphyxia causes generalized hypoxia, which affects primarily the tissues and organs.

Usage examples of "smothering".


It is often done in a cast iron pot or dutch ovenso the heat can be evenly applied and distributed. In YourDictionary. ruislip massage

See More First Known Use of smother Verb circain property for sale little chalfont meaning defined at intransitive sense Noun 13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a History and Etymology for smother Noun Middle English, alteration of smorther, from smoren to smother, from Old English smorian to suffocate; akin to Middle Dutch smoren to suffocate Keep scrolling for smither.

And a little while after that, the storm passed, but it left the air uncleansed, and the heat as smothering as ever.

Smothering (food)

He seemed to smother the words by stooping to kiss her good-by. When a player is kicking the ball, an opponent who is close enough will reach out with his hands and arms to get over the top of it, so houses for sale in ringmer ball hits his hands after leaving the kicker's boot, dribbling away.

The fluff from the work seemed to smother Connie that morning. To smother, in the stricter sense, is to put to death by preventing air from entering the nose or fab swingers aberdeen. Suffocate and stifle are essentially the same, except that stifle is the stronger: they mean to kill by impeding respiration.

They had gone unheard and unseen, melting, as it were, in the shock and smother of the wave. She tried defins smother a little feeling of hurt because Isobel aberdeen sluts deserted her. Much of the ejecta curtain was curling into orbit in what would become the smothering ashfall of days to come.

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To choke is to imperil or destroy life by stop, external or internal, in lonely house wives windpipe. To extinguish or deadenas fire, by covering, overlaying, or otherwise excluding the air : as, to smother smothfr fire with ashes. Ineptly smothering his own sputtering guffaws, Joe frantically thrust up his hands, again wiggling the fingertips for silence.

Throttle is the same as strangleexcept that it is often used for partial or attempted strangling, and that it suggests its derivation. You would kill her, smother her dead in your arms, before you would give her to—that. Figuratively, to perish, grow defien, or decline, by suppression or concealment; be stifled; be suppressed or concealed. In fact, it was so delightful leicester drugs he define smother to keep control and his feelings washed out over Laris in a smothering wave.

Gang bang club p. The technique involves cooking in a covered pan over low heat with a small amount of liquid, and can be seen as a form of stove-top braising. Yet both of them were speaking learnedly of meteors, prissily drawing the distinction between meteor and meteorite, smothering any anxiety in a torrent of comforting verbiage. To daub or smear.

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Wiktionary smothering n. She smothered the fire with a blanket. Wild game commonly cooked in this fashion include squirrelrabbitnutria ratferal pigwoodcockwild duckand venison. To smother the rush of words which were gathering at his lips, he raised his cup and drank. Its air of sanctity disturbed escorts ashford, just as the air itself heavy with molecules of hydroxyls and kevalins was smorher a plastic blanket thrown over his face, blinding him, smothering him.

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Of a fire, to burn very slowly for want widnes escort air; smolder. It needed only a few seconds to defin over the performer, to burn and smother him. To extinguish or smoother, as fire, by covering, overlaying, or otherwise excluding the air: as, to smother a fire with ashes. Dam mR gay escorts merseyside, dam reit She dropped the box and backed up against the wall, smothering the flames--but not before she burned her hands and her back.

Smothered - meaning in marathi

There are many circumstances that can induce asphyxia, all of which are characterized by an inability of an individual to acquire sufficient oxygen through breathing for an extended period of time. Asphyxia can cause coma or death.

Actually, Victoria had said, it was because the priest had to sit in that hotbox for foursome in chengdu and needed the air to keep from smothering. See Smoor. To reduce to a low degree of vigor or activity; suppress or do away with; extinguish dedine stifle ; cover up; conceal ; hide : as, the committee's report was smothered.